Beauty and Planning

Hi Everybody,

First of all a big apology for not sticking to my New Year’s Resolution. Lots of things have happened that diverted my attention. First of all the Hoose Court development here in Market Street in Hoylake – a large 4 story block of flats next to barely 2 story quaint cottages. Looks a bit like a prison from the outside, no wonder the locals have already nicknamed it ‘St Quentin’. I really don’t know what the developers are thinking – one thing is for sure they do not have any sense for beauty and aesthetics. Sorry to rant on about that but as you can see I am not in favour of it. I just don’t understand why they didn’t decide on a 3 storey building, which would blend in better and would have the support of the local community. Instead it is all fighting and antagonizing, and everybody ends up feeling bullied. The poor residents it is designed for are already on the back foot long before they’ve even moved in!!!

So as you can see it took up a lot of my time. Then I got myself in a pickle with my camera…. The good news is – now that I know how to work the camera a bit better – I shall be blogging for the next few days to make up for the weeks I missed. 🙂 Sometimes one just needs to read the manual. There is some more good news which I will reveal nearer the time. As for now Here is today’s project:

As you can see I created a layer effect by using a fine marker to draw a line which I the embellished with sparkly gems. The image itself is stamped with sepia archival ink and then water coloured. It gives a softer look as compared to stamping with black. Image and words are from Stampin’UP!’s Every Moment set. This clean and crisp look is easy to do and so up to date and very stylish.

Back tomorrow.

Happy crafting!

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