Light My Way

Hello Everybody,

I finally made the card I want to enter into the Lavinia Stamps Blog Challenge which this month is ‘Bright & Beautiful’.

Here it is:

Catty Shadow Box Card

Yes, I know, it is yet another shadow box card … I just can’t stop making them!!!

This one here is meant to be less of a card and more of a picture … at least that’s my intention. I made it for my friend Katy. We were talking cats today … need I say more?

For this card I used my whole range of Lavinia Stamps from one of my very first ones to some of my latest purchased ones from just before Easter. The sentiment one is the one I bought some years ago and the ivy and the star circle were amongst my recently acquired ones. The cat and the tiny stars are ones you might have seen in previous posts.

Enjoy and Happy Crafting!!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Light My Way

  1. That is simply beautiful xx Anglesey thurs until may 1st spring leave. Please keep in touch though. Love Sue xx sent Tracy a card she should receive tomorrow, seem to think it was one I did at yours. Xx

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