Summer Time

Hello Everybody,

Thanks for popping by and all your lovely comments, they were very much appreciated.

As promised, I have some more of the wonderful ‘Summer Time by Agnes Richardson’ cards for you. Again I am using the lovely Nicecrane Designs Images. Initially I thought that ‘Summer Perils’ would be a fitting post title …

… the first one is going to school when it’s hot and one would rather play outside, very dangerous for a child’s mood! … LOL …

This card is based on a sketch I saw on Nonni’s Blog, one of my fellow DTs at Addicted to Stamps and More. I liked it so much, that I wanted to give it a go. Here is my take:


School Time

It is very easy to make and would be a good Beginner’s Project. Layer some pretty paper on some dark brown card and attach to your base card, then layer the three strips across and add some faux stitching (dashes) using a fine liner pen. Cut out your image leaving a narrow white border, attach to some dark brown card and affix to card as shown. To finish off add some flowers, buttons and sentiment as shown. 🙂

For my next card the chosen peril is bees. Bees are actually quite lovely and if one keeps still they usually leave on their own accord, which can also be said for wasps … but then there was a time when I too was afraid of them and ended up like this …

Stinging Bees

This image makes me smile. Not that one would get hands and knees bandaged in such a way after a bee sting, this come more from falling whilst running, my knees were almost bandaged up … hmmm … maybe that’s why I prefer crafting to running …

For my last card I played around with the diamond shape card from Quick Cards Made Easy’s Card School (issue 116). It’s the one I used for the Fairy Garden card. I played round with the design and altered it a bit … just couldn’t help myself …

Sweet Friend

I leave it to your imagination what the peril in this one could be ….

Please pop by the Nicecrane Designs Blog for more Vintage inspiration.

Have a great day and

Happy Crafting!!! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Summer Time

  1. Wowww,woww,wowww Monika,,,,,love them, love them,,,,,,,,,,,love the back and your sweet buttons on your first one,,,,,,. Your second card,,,,,,,is stunning I am Gothic Arch Fan,,,,,,OMG so different card, so unnusual,,,,love your embossing and all over these amazing bees..And waht a colorful and gorgeus diamond shaped card,,,,,,,,,,woww,woww,,, so vibrant colors,,,,, so sweet one,,,,, You are Rock Monika,,,,,,The perfect showcaing from mu A. Richardson Collection………Thanks for these stunning creations.

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