Boxes and Keeping Your Brain Active

Hello Everybody,

I am back again. This is blog no 7 for this year, we are in week 7 and it seems as if I finally caught up, Phew! What a marathon! In future I shall think twice before I fall behind again. Hope my camera is getting the message or more like: I should finally read the instructions fully. At heart I am still a big kid and rather learn through trial & error than sitting for hours reading instructions.

Even in crafting, for example when I intend to make a box, I love working out my own measurements. I usually go by the size of what I intend to go into the box, that will give you the hight and base measurements. From that I’ll work out if it is possible to cut the whole pattern from one sheet of A4 or if it needs to be 12×12 inches or even 2 sheets, which usually to me means making a separate lid. You could ask why do I prefer going for the ‘difficult option’. I believe it keeps my brain active, a bit like other people go for quizzes, crosswords or suduko and at the end of it there is something nice to share … like today’s box:

Sorry the picture isn’t great, but as I mentioned in an earlier blog: I got myself a bit in a pickle using the camera. The picture was also taken last week when it was raining and therefore the light is not brilliant. Sorry!

Nevertheless I think that the idea and layout of the lid decoration would also make a nice card. I must say i like the soft colours of the stamped image, it reminds me of the fragility of big garden roses and their fantastic scent.

That’s it for this week. I shall see you next week.

Happy Crafting!

supplies: all SU apart from Seam Binding Ribbon (The Ribbon Girl)

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